Located on the Richmond Hill of Swan St you'll very quickly discover why Salona has been Melbourne's Favourite Greek Spot for over 40 years...

"You can be sure that no matter how many times you visit, there will always be something exciting to take your tastebuds on a journey of familiar, yet forgotten flavours"

Keeping a menu that is seasonal & organic means that Salona chooses to align with ethical suppliers.  Supporting local Australian farmers is what they're about. Stavros believes that quality produce & the energy that goes into every dish is the secret ingredient to the Greek cuisine.

As important as the food is to a Greek... so is the choice of drink!!! You will be very impressed with the exceptional wine list at Salona which showcases an extensive array of "Native Greek" varietals.

While we are on the topic of drinks, the cocktail list is definitely a hit!!!
Also inspired by the best in Greece, Espresso Martini" (named top 10 best in Melbourne) is one of the many favourites served with a side of beach bar tunes...

We look forward to sharing with you...
The Salona Experience!!!


our suppliers

GARY'S QUALITY MEATS — It is no secret that Gary & his team are the best butchers in Melbourne. Serving only the finest organic meats.

Fresh Gen—  All of our fresh produce supplied is Australian supporting local farmers..

RICHMOND OYSTERS - The experts & one of the oldest in the seafood biz..

YIAYIA'S GARDEN - When it comes to the lemons, the oregano & the herbs you can't beat Yiayia's garden!!!